K Laser is a new therapy which uses infra-red beam to help heal wounds or damaged tissue and provide a drug-free therapy to aid pain management or recovery.


What is K laser?

K-Laser Therapy is the application of infra-red beam, which is used on wounds or damaged tissue to achieve a drug-free therapy and to aid pain management or recovery. The Laser uses the infra-red beam to increase the blood flow around the affected areas helping to reduce swelling and pain more rapidly. The laser has a range of programmes and treatment is tailored to the individual patient and their problems. K-laser therapy has been widely used by human health professionals, and is particularly popular with sporting teams. At Town Vets we have had positive results with all our patients – with some exceptional improvements. Laser Therapy is a safe procedure which can be combined with other forms of treatment.

What to expect at a K-Laser Session?

The treatment is pain free and requires minimal restraint, even for those more nervous patients. We encourage owners to be involved in the treatment, being with their pet throughout the session. In most cases the animal becomes relaxed, enjoying the experience probably due to the warm massaging effect the laser has. The session time depends on the amount of treatment and size of area to be treated, but on on average is around 5-15 minutes. Clients have reported improvements in their pets even after one session.

Laser Therapy Plan?

We make recommendations on how many treatments depending on each individual animal. For acute and chronic muscle treatment we recommend the pet to have 6 sessions over the period of 3 weeks, then future top up sessions dependant on the individual. Please come into the practice or telephone for more information or to book a laser session for your pet. If Town Vets is not your usual veterinary practice then please ask your vet to refer your pet to us for laser treatment.